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 Love and respect for each other, and lets get back to work action,  we can do it.

Look i'm not a politician, but i have a solid back ground, i'm not affiliated with any government intity,   (but believe me i swung in their with the big boys, before in the State Capital, and i did create a long empacted difference... I'm not happy, with the city,  you are not happy with the  city government... )
i have a strong business and urban city development back ground, i'm and original crime fighter when even the police can't function, And wont because of politics...  and havent in all cases...  You can not take a chance and make a vital mistake with our future lots of californians are moving out of california....   And if you get another slick politician or a think i can man, well  what can i say, you missed the boat of Candice Can do the job, Candice can Create jobs....   remember Candice can.
 It's time to make money not to print Money! 
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