Welcome friends!
For over 10 years now I've enjoyed   Helping you....
In private community service
 San Pedro - Watts 
and all of Los Angeles
In the past worked in the State Capital
under Brown and Willie administration.
 Learning the defaults of the system, within los angeles.  I'm  working for five corporations,  Ma and Pa property owners, Business Professionals, Employees, Seniors and helping you.
 And discovering, the way to create jobs, resources, and knowing what we have to do to bring the companies and work back to los angeles... While Cutting the red tape in government
  Its time for our politicians to wake up and face reality.  We have been serving a system that doesn't work...
Our politicians made everything very difficult and complicated.
We took god away from schools, government, and that created a big hole/chism within the families and community. 
Now the question is this?   Where can we go without god in our lives, or no morals
 No where. 
Its time to simplify all public services, including tax returns, we lose  thousands of hours, and we get into  depression at the time we have to fill out our tax forms, because they were made for attorneys to read not for the public...
(The simple working people)
Seniors have no resources, to be able to exist.  And they the government would like to take that away too....
 Our Jails and our mental institutions are packed,  why... There is a reason of course...  The way our legal system works it proves to be a failure. 
It pushes the kids away from their roots, they grow up without love affection, directions, and faith,
the parents
work two jobs trying to cover the bills, and the drug pushers, waiting in front of the schools,  to destroy our kids forever.  
at this point we have sixty five percent of all population envolved in drugs and alchol   politicians, wake up we are losing the battle.  we have to bring back all beautiful customs,  of our grandparents, and fore fathers,
who built this country, and made it the number one on the earth... 
And extremely important issue,  for us is to know that our economy our businesses and our welfare, is now connected with the world economy, and happenings. 
At this point we have to persuade the rest of the world that our products are from the best, and if we create that trust then they will buy from us, and that is what we want -  work  - and their money.... 
Love and respect for each other, and lets get back to work action,  we can do it.
Look i'm not a politician, but i have a solid back ground, i'm not affiliated with any government intity,   (but believe me i swung in their with the big boys,  and i did create a long empacted difference... I'm not happy, with the city,  you are not happy with the  city government... )
i have a strong business and urban city development back ground, i'm and original crime fighter when even the police can't function, And wont because of politics...  and havent in all cases...  You can not take a chance and make a vital mistake with our future lots of californians are moving out of california....   And if you get another slick politician or a think i can man, well  what can i say, you missed the boat of Candice Can do the job, Candice can Create jobs....   remember Candice can.
 It's time to make money not to print Money! 
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